Having a consistent experience across all brand touch-points is a key driver of brand trust. Even if YouTube has been a pioneer in the history of web video library, the rest of social media sites have been incentivising businesses to upload content straight to their “in-house” service.


With social media's ever-changing landscape, native videos have become a standard content format on social media, meaning that each piece of video content has to be uploaded directly onto these sites:






WhatsApp. ​


There are very clear advantages to sharing these videos through a social site’s native video platform: ​

  • Better Reach: Native videos perform up much better than all other video formats;

  • It Creates a Video Gallery: When you use native videos, a video gallery will be created for your business page. This creates a store of content that users can easily find at any time, keeping your videos more relevant by extending their lifecycle for longer periods of time due to the boosted accessibility;

  • Increase Following: The users who enjoy your content will go at the source and are more likely to like/follow the business page that shared your video.