Video content is about the craft of making motion pictures by capturing a story visually. It is about weaving together a series of shots that form a cohesive narrative. Hence videography marries a presentation of visuals and dialogues, arranged at the end to tell a compelling story. It is its multi-sensoriality in which its power resides. The craft of videography is about knowing how to leverage each of these components and assemble them into a coherently structured piece. Hence, when putting together video content, we understand that there are two types of footage taken on the set: A-roll and B-roll.


A-Roll and B-Roll are both technical lingos, but that truly allows us a crew to structure the workload for both production and post-production to be more efficient and organize the work of a team into smaller manageable units. A-roll and B-roll footage might be captured at the same time by a crew, but they have different precise functions. Without one of the two, your content looks empty. They have to be thought through together because they get weaved together to tell a story.